New single: "Traces" 

We had the idea to write, record, and release a song from quarantine. Create something out of thin air without ever being able to see each other face to face. Drums and bass were recorded in our Los Angeles studio, guitars and vocals were recorded on the North shore of Oahu. Until we can get together and share a beer, some laughs and play some music this will have to do. Listen and download for free on our music page or listen/buy in whatever online store/streaming service you want. 

"I fear nothing at all...coz' sometimes I do, still find traces of you"

The sUiTe


Everyone is on lockdown, so we are gonna try and do an EP/Single/Song from quarantine.

Rock n' Roll Forever

Rock n' Roll Party at The Redwood Oct. 30 

Pre-Halloween fun in DTLA on Oct. 30! Suite on first, then Varsity Drag (Ben Deily from The Lemonheads band) and Original Son closes it out. Come have a beer and get dirty!

Josh broke his thumb/ New single coming soon 

No rock for Josh as he heals from a broken thumb for the next 4 to 6 weeks. In better news, the band will be releasing a brand new single in the near future. 

Currently listening to:

The Longshot "Body Bag"

Weezer  "Susanne"

Sahara Hotnights  "Getting away with Murder"


Redwood show to be rescheduled 

Our show at The Redwood on Feb. 25 is being rescheduled. New date soon. Bummer.


Listening to:

"You only live once" by The Strokes

"Pin" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

"Surfer Girl" by The Beach Boys

"Gone Home" by The Spook School

"Somebody's Child by The Routes

Rebel Star (Full length)
CD 2017

Rebel Star (Full length) CD 2017 $10